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We look forward to serving our wines during an event in Granite Bay.  This event is open to the public so please join us October 16, 2014 between 4pm and 8pm.

"WINE OF THE LEAVING DEAD" Menu for our Halloween Event 

RSVP with your choice of date - Free for Wine Club Members

(Membership = 2 adults) Guests are $ 20.00 per person.

Hot Blood Soup
Jalapeno Dip
Quiche of Dead
Zucchini Soup
Mushroom Shouters
Chicken Dubliner
Meat Balls in a Barbera Sauce
Greek Salad
Pulled Pork Tortilla

For the Sweet Tooth

Our Famous Brownies and Pumpkin Cake

THE Festival in Fair Play  -  This time, it really is all about you!

June 7 & 8, 2014 - 11 am – 5 pm

Little is good. Our home town Party!

In the early 1980’s, our founding wineries (Granite Springs, Fitzpatrick and Gewer), decided to throw a little party. They felt strongly that they had much to be grateful for because of our (then) fairly small community and the support it provided for a fledgling industry. Thus was born the Fair Play Festival. Three wineries, a loyal following and a lovely weekend in June.

How about we all get together over food, wine and companionship? It was a great payoff for something that was already a great relationship but might be a future industry for our valley.

Bring a wine glass (or a mason jar, coffee cup or whatever else you can put wine in) and lets enjoy. It was pretty informal, to say the least, but it bound the community together in a fun way. If you’ve been here for a few decades, you remember. If not, here’s your chance to travel back. But first, a little history is in order. As the proprietor of Single Leaf (circa 1988), maybe I’m not the guy who should write this, however the "founding" three winery owners have moved on to other endeavors. So here’s what I think happened:

We rolled through the early 80’s doing the “Festival” thing the first weekend in June. The word got out beyond our area and more and more people from “far away” (think Placerville and Camino) found out about what a really fun time this little get together was and it’s right down the road! From this the Festival grew. More and more people heard of the event. It began pulling in people from really far away (think Reno and Sac), which is how Pam and I found Fair Play in the mid 80’s. It became so popular, the group decided to expand it to the first 2 weekends in June. Meanwhile, as the reputation for the high quality of wine grapes from the area grew, so did the demands for its wines. Fair Play began attracting attention from many who sought to try their hand at the wine making business. More vineyards were planted, more wineries were built and the inevitable happened; the Festival had to get “organized”. That meant everything from selling tickets and advertising the event to producing maps so people could figure out where we were. By the mid to late 90’s the Festival had become a “major draw”

Flash forward to 2014!

It would be an understatement to say the winery business in Fair Play has taken off big time. I’m not sure exactly what the number is because, literally, it’s a moving target, but I think we’re well into the 30+ range. As a result, we have a myriad of events, activities and new directions being explored by the individual wineries and as a group collectively. But, a few of us feel that we need to preserve that early spirit of Fair Play and its founding wineries. To that end, Bechard, Busby, Colibri Ridge, dk Cellars, Fleur de Lys and Single Leaf are having a little party the first weekend in June. This is for our neighbors and friends and those in our community (and undoubtedly others from “far away”) who support us, buy our products and put up with all the activity we create. It’s not an “organized” event-

no tickets, bring your own glass (bonus points if you’ve got one of the originals from the 80’s/90’s) or buy one from us. Each winery will have its own brand of hospitality, but overall, it’s back to basics; good wines, good food and good times. It’s a chance to get to know each other again, look back at where this came from and look forward as we grow.

We hope you’ll join us!

Bechard Winery

It’s Festival time at Bechard! We’ll be firing up the grill, offering specials on your favorite wines, and enjoying great music by Jeff Chamberlain.

Busby Cellars

Enjoy the panoramic vineyard view while sampling the menu of Hoisin and Ginger Pork with a delicious Asian slaw. June 7th featuring National Recording Artist Liz Longley. $20 pp includes gourmet catered dinner served from 5 – 6:45

Colibri Ridge Winery

Stop in for an educational vertical tasting and sales experience tasting Library wines from the cellar. Cabernets, Merlots & Syrahs will be in the lineup.

DK Cellars

Relax and have fun! Wine specials, live music by Legal Addiction, sausages and more from Lockford Sausage Company. $5 cover charge, refundable upon wine purchase. Bring your own wine glass. You don't want to miss this!


Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the Chalet with complimentary wine tasting and gourmet food pairings.

Single Leaf Winery

Best Mexican food North of the border. Dale’s (Pam’s Dad) port coolers will quench your summer thirst!

Saint Valentine's Day 2014

The rains came and despite the downpour the "show went on".  For those who braved the elements we had a spectacular array of food and wine.

1. A delicious Chicago Spinach Dip was paired with our Chardonnay.  (Addictive)

2. Spinach Brownies with Plum Sauce was paired with our signature Viognier

3. A warm Corn Chowder was paired with our Estate Mourvèdre.  We added chicken but one might think to add Crab.......just sayin

4. Our Zinfandel paired with Mini Rueben's....we left off the Sauerkraut and added fresh cabbage for crunch!

5. Meatball Sliders, cooked with and paired with Alicante Bouchet  (We have been known to pair with our Barbera but the Alicante Bouchet was a natural.  A little bit of grated Parmesan mmmmmmummm

6. Skewers with Pepper Jack Cheese, Pepperoni and Kalamata Olives paired with our 2005 Estate Syrah........This Syrah is almost gone, 5 cases left at this posting.

7. Our BIG Petite Sirah, we paired it with a "Bloody Mary Chicken"  Spicy and fun

8. The late harvest Viognier, fortified with Brandy.........Sautrelle (Grasshopper) we paired with the yummy "Cherry Kringle"  We think it was the Almonds that made the match!

9. Oh Thank you Lauri, you made the Brownies with our silky Port and we dared to pair them........ a decadent desert


HARVEST 2015 came early, we believe that all of our fruit should be harvested by early October. We are looking forward to the Holiday season and invite you to come and stock up for all of your celebrations. 


Harvest/CRUSH has begun and the first grapes in are Viognier.  We are expecting Syrah and Chardonnay the first week of September, 2014.  The Viognier is safely in tank and chilling.  When you visit us, you might see bins of grapes fermenting or watch us "Punching down"

Harvest is an exciting time, when you visit FairPlay you will feel it. 



Please join us for our Annual Spring Wine Club Event

May 17 and 18, 2014 - 11am to 4:30pm

RSVP with your choice of date before

May 12, 2014

Free for Wine Club Members (Membership = 2 adults)

Guests are $ 20.00 per person.

This years theme will be a return to the "Age of Aquarius" So bring out your treasured Tie-dyed shirts, bell-bottom pants and hippie beads.

RSVP: 530-620-2246 or email 


Le Club”

News and Events 4-24-2014

We are releasing our 2008 Barbera (just in time for the Barbera Festival) and Alicante Bouschet.

Please come and join us at the winery to taste both of these fine wines and several others with food pairing.  

Fleur de Lys Winery will again be participating in the Barbera Festival Tickets go on sale this Saturday March 1st.

Click on the Barbera Festival logo to go to the website.  Tickets sell out quickly so we suggest that you contact them immediately.  





THE THEME IS THE 60's.  So bring your tie dye and party with us.

RSVP by sending us an email

Le Club”

News and Events 2-23-2014

We just released our Reserve Zinfandel 2007 and our Viognier 2011.

Please come and join us at the winery to taste both of these fine wines and several others with food pairing.  

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